We start with an initial chat over the phone to gain a quick insight into your property, your needs and expectations.

Following this, we will undertake a complimentary, no obligation, free inspection of your property to better determine and understand its layout and your needs and budget.

We can advise on the general presentation of the property and what other considerations may need to be undertaken in addition to styling the property.
We will evaluate your home and recommend strategies that will create the most engaging presentation. These range from furniture choice and placement, art and finishing décor touches.

We are here to help and always look to tailor our services to meet your expectations, budget & timeframes.

We work closely with you and your agent to better understand how the property will be marketed and who the potential purchaser may be. This allows us to select a furniture arrangement and style that will reinforce the properties potential and one that is consistent with how the property will be marketed.
By owning all our own furniture, décor, art and soft furnishings we readily have on hand an enormous range to choose from ensuring each property is styled efficiently and tailored to suit.

We own and operate our own trucks and support vehicles providing complete control over logistics and scheduling. This also provides us with an enormous amount of flexibility to meet campaign and vendor timeframes.


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